Alpine Skiing

The many skiing areas of the Valtellina amount to no less than 230 km of perfectly prepared slopes, accessible via 70 ski-lifts, and immersed in an enchanting natural scenario

The Santa Caterina Valfurva slopes even host races for the skiing World Cup!

Area ski Santa Caterina

The longest and most thrilling slope of the skiing area is the Deborah Compagnoni route, in front of the hotel, which also hosts World Cup races (men’s downhill and the 2015 women’s World Cup).

On the Deborah Compagnoni slope, you can even ski at nighttime, thanks to an artificial lighting system.

Within all this we just need to make you cheer from the experience and professionalism of the ski instructors of the "Ski and Snowboard School S. Caterina V." always available for private lessons or group lessons.