Bormio Terme

The Old Baths, New Baths and Terme di Bormio
Take off your ski and relax!

The Old Baths of Bormio
These Baths of Bormio have been known as Roman thermal baths since as early as the first century B.C. 

Here you will find no less than 6 different wellness offers:
  • Panoramic open-air swimming pool 
  • Baths of the Archduchess 
  • Roman Baths
  • Sudatory Cave
  • Medieval Baths 
  • Imperial Baths
The New Baths
In a vast and sunny garden, here you will find highly equipped thermal services and many open-air swimming pools, open 12 months per year! 

In the New Bormio Baths you will find the:
  • Gardens of Venus
  • Cave of Neptune
  • Baths of Jupiter
  • Baths of Hercules
Relax and wellness being immersed in the heart of the mountains!
Terme di Bormio

Of the three wellness areas of the area, the Bormio Thermal Baths are the best suited for families and sports buffs.

These sulfate-bicarbonate-alkaline-earthy thermal waters stream directly from the mountains, at a temperature between 37 and 40 degrees. Their qualities are officially recognized by the National Health Service, which the Terme di Bormio are affiliated with.

In particular, the Terme di Bormio are ideal for:
  • Inhalation therapies
  • Balneotherapy
  • Balneo-muds-therapy
  • Physiotherapy and rehabilitation in thermal waters
  • Vascular treatment paths
Next to the traditional thermal treatment center, you will find the sports and wellness center.