Mountain lovers must surrender to the enchanted landscape that characterizes the winter of Santa Caterina Valfurva.
The snow is the protagonist of the entire landscape, the only one able to give to nature "that" magic touch.
Walking in the woods, in the snow and hearing the silence broken only by the chirping of birds, is an experience that warms the heart and leaves a mark on one's soul. 
Excursions on foot or with snowshoes give everyone the possibility to discover the hidden corners and secrets of our valley while night excursions illuminated only by the timid light of the moon offer the chance to feel the great mystery of nature in the company of the alpine guides in Santa Caterina.


Departure: location "La Fonte", Santa Caterina (1738 m).
Arrival: " La Fonte ", Santa Caterina (1738 m).
Description: built and inaugurated in 2007 by the ski champion Manuela Di Centa, the "percorso dei fiocchi" is a path clearly marked that can be walked without guides. Leave the "La Fonte" centre behind you, walk along the cross-country track and follow the signs. Walk along the plains of Santa Caterina to The Forni valley and cross the woods and meadows of Nassegno before coming back to the village.
Difficulty: easy (flat path).
Duration: 2 hours.
Length: 3 km.


Departure: Santa Caterina (1738 m).
Arrival: Plaghera (2000 m).
Description: walk along the road to the Gavia mountain pass. Go into the woods and climb gently for 4 km then reach the junction to Rifugio Paradiso and Sci 2000. Enjoy your stay at the shelters and come back to the town along the same road or with the chairlift. You can cover the entire journey by chairlift too.
Difficulty: easy
Duration: 2 hours (one way) 1 hour and a half (return).
Length: 8 km (one way/return).


Departure: Santa Caterina (1738 m)
Arrival: Rifugio Forni (2178 m)
Description: leave the town square behind you and walk along the road to the Forni shelter. After a moderate climb reach the Stella Alpina shelter (opened, with bar, restaurant and possibility to stay overnight) from where you can see the Forni shelter in the distance. Walk for 800 m slightly uphill and reach the shelter; opposite is the glacier "Forni". From mid-March enjoy the view from the bar and restaurant of the shelter (you can also stay overnight). The area is well known for the presence of deers and chamoises.
Difficulty: medium - easy (walking shoes with small crampons are recommended)
Duration: 2 hours (one way) 1 hour and a half (return)
Length: 10 km (one way/return)


Departure: Santa Caterina (1738 m)
Arrival: location Tov (1900 m)
Description: leave the town square behind you and after 100 m (direction: Bormio) turn right (a sign indicates the walk "Cappellette"). Climb up the path and reach a small votive chapel. Keep  climbing up to the Sell huts and reach the Tov huts (1876 m) from where you can admire an old crucifix carved by hand. Old huts, the Tresero peak on the opposite side and the prestigious track "Deborah Compagnoni" are among the attractions you can admire from where you are. Keep walking along the path on the right and cross the woods until you come back to the town square. During the descent, pay attention to ice.
Difficulty: medium (walking shoes with small crampons are recommended)
Duration: 2 hours
Length: 3.5 km


Departure: Santa Caterina (1738 m)
Arrival: Sunny Valley (2800 m).
Description: reach the Cresta Sobretta by gondola and walk down to the Valle dell'Alpe and walk the path next to the Sunny Valley shelter. From this point you can see and almost touch the snowy peaks of mounts Tresero, Cevedale and Gran Zebrù. Sunny Valley shelter offers snacks, local dishes and a photographic exhibition about the Great War fought in these mountains. Return to Santa Caterina by cable car (last run at 4.30pm) and admire the valley from Santa Caterina in Bormio.
Difficulty: easy
Length: 2 km.


Departure: S. Caterina mt. 1738
Arrival: Baite di Sclanera (Sclanera huts) mt. 2042
Description: from the departure of the cableway S.Caterina-Plaghera, climb up through the woods along the left side of the ski slope “Deborah Compagnoni”. At the crossing with the “Curnogna" road, near the bridge of sighs, continue on a flat path to the right for about one kilometre until you reach, on the left side, the deviaton for the “Baite di Sclanera” (Sclanera huts). The path climbs up with some flat parts. The last stretch of the path becomes steeper and the vegetation sparser until the plains and the Sclanera huts.
Difficulty: medium
Duration: 1,50 hours one way, about 1 hour return
Length: 3,5 km one way, about 3,5 Km return
Difference in altitude: about 300 mt.


Departure: S. Caterina mt. 1738
Arrival: loc. Valetto mt. 1880
Description: for nearly one kilometre, the path is the same of the “Sentiero delle Cappellette” till the hairpin bend. From here, go straight on leaving the votive chapel on the right side.
The track descends between the pine forest. Pay attention to ice! The path gives way to a plain that walks along the huts of “Moc” and “Pagania”. The road starts to climb up reaching “Sic di sotto” (Sic below) and “Sic di sopra” (Sic above) until the location “Valetto”.
Southward path, particularly suitable for cold and sunny days.
Difficulty: easy
Duration: 1.30 hours one way, about 1.30 hours return
Length: 3 km one way, about 3 km return
Difference in altitude: about 200 mt.


Departure: S. Caterina mt. 1738
Arrival: loc. Ables mt. 2233
Description: just left the village square on the right side of information office, the path climbs immediately up. The course retraces an old mule track used by soldiers during the First World War. In a short time, you can admire the center of Santa Caterina overhead . After passing loc. Speluga, at the crossing, continue to the right site until loc. Linanza and loc. Ceisa. Cross the intersection and continue to the left. A gradual climb takes up to loc. Bacero, Monich and Ables basso. 
With one last climb uphill, reach loc. Ables.From there, it's possible enjoying a wonderful view of the S. Caterina ski area and of the Sobretta and Cevedale mountain group.
Southward path, particularly suitable for cold and sunny days. Pay attention to ice, above all between the end of February-March.
Difficulty: medium
Duration: 2 hours one way, about 1.30 hours return
Length: 3 km. one way, about 3 km return 
Difference in altitude: about 500 mt